About Me

Hi, I'm Lee, an ambitious professional based in Malaysia, currently transitioning from a background in Electrical and Electronic Engineering into the dynamic field of digital marketing. My foundation is a diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and I've supplemented that with valuable industry experience gained through an internship with a multinational company. 

When the pandemic imposed financial and professional challenges, I sought a path that could open new opportunities. That journey led me to digital marketing, particularly the area of marketing analytics, a sector I realized was in high demand and resonated with my analytical skills.

To pivot successfully, I'm actively pursuing professional certifications through online education platforms such as Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, and Skillshare. I'm thrilled by the prospect of impacting businesses through digital marketing strategies and leveraging my critical thinking, attention to detail, and communication skills honed from my previous experiences. 

My unique blend of technical understanding from my engineering background and the burgeoning insights in marketing propels me forward, and I'm excited to continue growing in the digital marketing industry.

My Journey

2023 - 2022

Ang Kim Lin Sdn. Bhd.


2022 - 2021

The Interior Enterprise


Carsem (M) Sdn. Bhd

Professional Development

As part of my transition into the field of digital marketing and analytics, I have taken the initiative to supplement my engineering background with targeted, high-quality digital marketing courses and certifications. These programs have equipped me with a robust understanding of key marketing strategies, tools and the latest industry trends.

Successfully completed a comprehensive specialization focused on advanced Excel techniques and applications in the business context. Key achievements and skills acquired include:

  • Advanced Spreadsheet Design: Mastered the creation of professional dashboards and sophisticated spreadsheet designs tailored for business insights.

  • Data Management & Analysis: Gained proficiency in handling large datasets, extracting meaningful insights, and presenting data effectively.

  • Complex Calculations: Leveraged advanced Excel features and techniques to perform intricate calculations, aiding in business decision-making.

  • Automation & Validation: Acquired skills in spreadsheet automation, data validation, and error prevention, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in data-driven tasks.

  • Applied Learning: Solved real-world business problems through hands-on projects, utilizing downloadable Excel workbooks and datasets, reinforcing practical application of learned skills.

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